Ask these ten questions first.

Prior to planning a restructuring due to a merger /buyout or a downsizing resulting from business changes, there are a series of relevant questions to be asked.

1. Who will decide the course of action and what parameters
    will be set?

2. How will the newly set objectives and methods of carrying
    them out be consistent with the current mission/values

3. Who will be given the authority to thoroughly assess the
    current situation and manage the process? Who will be privy
    to and take part in the planning process (Executives, Legal,
    Human Resources, and Finance)?

4. What are the short and long term results expected with
    respect to cost savings, profits, maximized revenue, share
    value and business development?

5. What rationale and method will be used to decide on
    efficiencies, duplication and what the company can do

6. What will the total cost of the changes be (severance
    amounts, outplacement counselling, legal, training, etc.)?

7. How will business be conducted before, during and after
    the announcement and what changes are anticipated in the
    business community?

8. What crucial talent or business might be lost and how will
    this be controlled and/or minimized?

9. Who will decide on the strategy for and convey
    communications with respect to unions, government
    agencies (legal requirements), local/provincial government
    officials, media, employees, clients and other stakeholders?

10. What security (assets, information, people) arrangements
      must be made?