Willis Newton established outplacement counselling as a major part of the firm's human resources consulting work in 1981 and we are dedicated to providing candidates with an effective system of re-employment to a new career position after termination of employment.

We are well established, and have earned a reputation that has enabled us to be counted among the major outplacement companies used in the Canada by corporations during times of large downsizing.

For over 20 years, thousands of executive, managerial and professional employees have been counselled and are now successfully re-employed.

Clients choose our services because we specialize in working with individuals who have concerns that others may not be qualified to handle --- those that are "difficult" for the manager and/or the candidate.

In addition to our associates, we are fortunate to have an excellent network of associations with:

qualified professional counsellors
industrial psychologists
an image consultant

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Briefing session to confer on pertinent data and background to facilitate counselling
Coordinate and specify the respective roles of the company and of the consultant
Plan the date, time and place
Review the notification of release methodology - what has been said to the employee; what will be said; what will not be said; and who will know prior to the exit interview
Assist company through consultation and recommendations prior to separation event


Positioning self as winner, not a victim
Establish rapport and clarify expectations
Do a needs analysis
Present a program
Define respective roles
Assist in a dignified exit/collection of personal property
Review office and administration procedures
Call candidate at home later to confirm first meeting and to provide a sense of continuity


Initial planning meetings to advise on the nature and
scope of the services available
Consult with an experienced, knowledgeable financial consultant re: allocation of severance package funds/pension/benefits/health-benefits/life insurance/tax


Record "network" to be activated
Gather information about job market
Discuss relevant issues
Look at various Internet sites
Maintain Job Search Workbook


Test administration (skills/abilities/interests)
Self-assessment exercises
Appraisal of career strengths and limitations
Establishment of references (list)
Career counselling; career alternatives


Define realistic career goals
Consider the appropriate balance between life goals
and career goals
Identify and discuss training needs


Design a clear, concise, up-to-date résumé
Summarize experience, employers, years, responsibilities and accomplishments, education
Design a series of cover letters to accompany résumé
Assist by generating cover letters, résumé, envelopes


Putting it all together
Assist by providing secretarial services and telephone answering services
Research visible and hidden job market
Networking/outreach consultation
Determine target companies
Identify and verify appropriate decision maker
Contact through writing or phoning


Secure business cards and stationery
Establish a comfort level on the phone and using the
phone as a tool
Prepare interview responses and methodologies;
enhance skills through role play/video
Follow-up of letters, telephone calls, and interviews
Research company and gain knowledge about its
operation in preparation for the interview
Provide on-going job search support


Assist in preparation of negotiating a new job offer
Detail pros and cons of an offer
Further research of company; personality, policies,
management style
Analyze career opportunities
Accepting or rejecting an offer
Keeping the new job


Reappraise personal and career goals
Review self-assessment and Career Management
Follow-up on relevant issues



Administer "self-employment" questionnaire
Discuss pros and cons (viability) in a reality framework
Procedures for starting a business
Business and marketing plans


Candidate friendly facilities
2 Board/Seminar rooms
Professional consulting offices
Administrative support
Direct subway access (Finch)
Lots of available parking
4 minute drive to Hwy 401
Fitness facility
Experienced knowledgeable counsellors
Telephone answering
Shopping Concourse

Delivering High-quality Outplacement Services

Of common concern to management is the unpleasant task of dealing with staff dislocation or layoffs.

The decision to dismiss someone is never taken lightly and should never be made in haste, for the consequences can be far-reaching for both the employer and the employee. Sound planning and preparation for the dismissal process is of utmost importance when personal, legal, financial, family, quality of life, and business issues are at stake. Even with thorough planning, the situation may become emotionally charged, resulting in actions and reactions that were not anticipated. It must be kept in mind at all times that another person's career, and consequently life style, are being affected, and therefore appropriate steps must be taken to facilitate the transition. As well, the planning process entails consulting with management to ensure that the feelings of remaining staff are considered and dealt with appropriately.

There is wide recognition that its people are an organizations greatest resource. However, there are times when an employer has no other alternative but to dismiss a person for reasons of economy or reorganization. Right from the beginning of the dismissal process, we plan with the client, providing advice and coaching as required.

Throughout the process, care is taken to guide, coach, counsel and assist each candidate with relevant tasks in the job search and/or retraining for career alternatives. The individualized approach adds comfort in even the most difficult cases --- with the manager during the planning/preparation of the restructuring exercise and with the candidate, starting on the day of notice of release.

Candidates are provided with the services of experienced, knowledgeable, well-connected professional counsellors who are conversant and skilled at career and personal counselling, training, and consulting throughout the re-employment process.

We are here to serve! To us, this means that we are readily available and accessible to the candidate and to the company.

Each candidate receives a confidential, individualized program as defined in the level of service chosen. In-depth interviewing skills, consulting on cold calls, etiquette, dress, attitude and other aspects add fullness to the personalized approach. The counselling involves focusing on relevant issues, whatever they are, and helping people deal with them effectively in the job-search process. Also offered, is an opportunity for the spouse to meet with the counsellor. All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and security.

On-Site Support
Immediately following preliminary meetings with the notifying manager, we meet with the dismissed employee to begin the process. An initial needs assessment is formulated and appropriate assistance is provided.

Job Search Preparation
Often a variety of résumés and cover letters are required. These are developed with the counsellor and professionally produced. All stationery is also provided (paper, envelopes, and labels). Topics of importance are industry research and networking and a process is presented to facilitate their enhancement. A variety of interview sessions are held to cover any possible interview style and pre and post interview sessions are held.

Job Search Focus/Market Strategy
Each individual develops a marketing strategy with the assistance of the counsellor and one that specifically meets the style and approach most desirable.

Evaluating Alternatives
This concept is the basis for all problem solving/decision making and as such is integral to career/job search, especially when self-employment is discussed. All of our consultants are well versed in the mechanics, resources, pluses and pitfalls of owning a small business or being self-employed. "Reality" counselling proves highly effective at this stage and allows for a more informed decision. We do not overtly dissuade people from this option but provide them with feedback from the testing in conjunction with involved discussions of strengths, limitations, skills, abilities, aptitude, and the viability of such a choice, all within the context of retaining ownership of decisions.

Community Resources
Outreach includes making every possible and reasonable contact within the community that is there to assist and covers areas from networking to government agencies. We act as information resource where appropriate and assist in methodology for researching/securing available resources.

On-going Job Search Support

With fully equipped offices and administrative support, we also maintain constant contact with the candidate through counselling and consulting to enhance/regain motivation and productivity in the job search.

Negotiating the New Job Offer

Our involvement begins prior to the interview stage where discussions are held regarding "fit" to a particular organization/career/job. When the offer is finally made, coaching on various issues from salary to benefits to job description is done. Again, this is part of evaluating alternatives. We have often found that one difficult situation exists where two or three offers will arrive within a week of one another. How to handle each with respect to the preferred job is a delicate situation and requires finesse at times. Coaching on the way to handle this situation is valuable to the candidate.


Executives and Senior Managers have use of a private office as defined by their level of service.

Secretarial & Telephone Answering

We have about a one day turnaround for typed communications but often it is same day (or same hour) depending on urgency. We are as flexible as possible.

Phone calls are transferred immediately to the candidate, and messages are called to the person as soon as possible. These are the "diamonds" of the job search and accuracy and promptness are the keys to realizing benefit from them.

Staff to Client Ratio

The ratio of candidate to counsellor is kept at a level that allows for a maximum of candidate contact time. Our professional counsellors and administrative assistance are available to meet the required needs and to keep the counsellor/candidate ratio to a suitable level - of one counsellor for 15 candidates.

Customized Service

Upon notification, preparations include: financial consultation, orientation to the offices, design of an individualized program (depending on needs/requirements/abilities), résumé, counselling (personal, career, family, spousal), and career analysis -- (career counselling tools are selected from a series of test instruments).

Hallmarks of the Executive Program, to service special needs:

Use of private offices

Services which are highly individualized (customized)

Support materials, services and facilities that are of high quality and status

Opportunities to network and to learn from experts in various fields

Support to clients and their family

Experienced professional counsellors who have senior business backgrounds and public service experience and who can quickly establish credibility

Added focus to financial planning, the international scene, strategic marketing, independent business options, executive compensation trends

Ongoing Evaluation of Services

Discussion of client progress and other client needs.
Evaluation Form to be completed by client under the headings:
Services completed
Services of greatest value
Services of least value
Accessibility of counsellor
What does the counsellor do that is exceptional
What could be done better

Labour Market Knowledge
Our consultants have a vast knowledge of and contacts in both the public and private sectors.

Project Staffing (Summary)
Our team can handle all necessary service functions and was selected for their demonstrated technical, educational and human skills.

Geographic Service Area
We specialize in outplacement counselling in the Greater Toronto Area and Northwestern Ontario and our affiliates are located in Halifax, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver, Mississauga, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, and London (Ont.)