The measures of success (for an individual candidate) used by W.N. Associates Inc. include:

- Thorough planning and preparation with
   management and notifier prior to each dismissal
- Selection, active pursuit and securing of
  a suitable career by the candidate
- Flexibility in satisfying the individual needs
  of the candidate during the job-search process
- Assisting the candidate to readily achieve
  catharsis following the separation of employment
  event (financial, legal, emotional issues) through
  a high degree of individual attention
- Monitoring of progress and feeding back results
  to the client company, within the context of
- Quality of services is determined by the
  consistent accuracy of assessment and timeliness
  of delivery

--- to enhance motivation and self-confidence and to maintain these throughout the programme. We believe in providing the highest-level quality in all aspects: our carefully selected associates are not only knowledgeable but also caring; our materials and resources are continually updated to keep pace with changing needs.